Apartments Egger Tux Hintertux Madseit spring

Tux in spring

When the snow in the valley slowly melts and the first crocuses make their way, winter is still deep in the ski areas. Sun skiing with powder snow on the Hintertux Glacier.

Tip: From the beginning of May there will be affordable summer ski tariffs!

Spring is the best season for all winter sports enthusiasts who like it quieter on the slopes and want to enjoy the sun loungers. Without many people you can take your turns in the dusty powder snow at a lower price!

Apartments Egger Tux Hintertux Madseit Frühling

Attention sunbather and pleasure-lover!

Sunny chill-out spots, rustic ski huts, modern mountain restaurants and hut terraces invite you to linger and enjoy the deluxe mountain sun.


Attention freestylers!
Betterpark Hintertux

When the halfpipe, rails and kickers in the fun parks of the other winter ski areas dissolve into water, you will love the condituins at the Hintertux Glacier!

From the beginning of April, the BetterPark at the foot of the Olperer will be in excellent condition for riders and jump acrobats. The Betterpark Hintertux is the highest and most snow-sure freestyle spot in Austria and is one of the best snow parks in the Alpine region.

Open from April to the beginning of June and from mid-September to December

Apartments Egger Tux Hintertux Madseit Frühling

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